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'Marvel Studios’ Big Diwali Entertainer 'ETERNALS' had a strong Weekend!

Marvel Studios’ Big Diwali Entertainer ETERNALS had a strong Weekend!

Oscar winner Chloe Zhao's superhero biggie continues to receive immense love and support from audiences across the country with a phenomenal weekend box office of Rs 22.80 Cr GBOC and Rs 19.15 Cr NBOC.

Day 1- Rs 8.75 GBO, Rs 7.35 NBO

Day 2- Rs 6.85 GBO, Rs 5.75 NBO

Day 3- Rs 7.20 GBO, Rs 6.05 NBO

ETERNALS has held strong despite tough regional competition across markets, owing to the huge fan following and craze for Marvel films in India.

Marvel Studios' ETERNALS is currently in theatres in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

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