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'Theaterhoods' - A new OTT platform launch

Theaterhoods - A new OTT platform lines-up exciting content including films, web series

Theaterhoods subscribers to get free tickets to watch their favourite movies in theaters

USA-based entertainment company Emotional Entertainment Network is expanding its operations in India with the launch of “” OTT platform. The brand-new streaming service will be a one-stop place to watch films and series on your own screens.

Besides, it will also be your entertainment partner that provides tickets to watch films in theaters, that too free of cost.

According to Theatrehoods Indian Regional Marketing Head Prasad Vaseekaran, "we deeply understand Indian cinema lovers. Being an Indian, I am proud of our Indian cinemas. It is our part of life, and it would be no exaggeration to say it is mixed with our blood. Our primary goal is to make our OTT platform users enjoy the content every moment, in whichever mode they want."

He adds: "We supply world-class content. We are building more than five thousand Indian regional languages content in our libraries and one thousand original movies and series. So, we are sure to strike a chord with the audience."

On the idea behind Theatrehoods, he says, "now very few movies directly premier on OTT platforms. More big movies are theatrically releasing. Cinema fans must wait till 30 to 45 days to watch on OTTs. Moreover, the cinema theater experiences are different. We would like to fill this gap. We offer free tickets all over India for theatrically released new movies and an unlimited content watching experience on our Theaterhoods OTT platform."

To be launched in India and overseas on 15 January 2022 as a Pongal/Sankranthi delight to the audience, Theatrehoodsbrings cinema theater and OTT experience together, in all Indian regional languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.

While it provides unlimited entertainment to subscribers, Theatrehoods also offers a cost-free solution for filmmakers and content creators to promote their products. Also, it has forged partnerships with theater chains like PVR. Thus, it will serve as a subscribers' delight, producers' preferred choice and theater owners' trusted partner. Contents like Movies, Web Series, TV Shows and Music will be available on this all-in-one platform.

Theaterhoods will be available on the web and Android, IOS mobile apps worldwide.

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